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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Know Who You Are Writing For

I listened to a webinar recently by Bulldog Solutions about building buyer personae. This was a service they were rolling out when I worked there, and I wanted to see how it had evolved over the last year. It looks like they've made great strides with their tool.

My biggest take-away was the challenge companies face in selecting specific audiences to address in their marketing. It's very easy for companies to want public-facing information to be applicable to any reader. The downside to this approach is that the content must be so broadly understandable that it loses it's impact.

The buyer persona becomes valuable in directing your content development is knowing which audience you want looking at your content. When you've determined the right audience then you can provide information that is meaningful.

With a clear sense of audience, your content can then focus on:

  1. Specifics -- What does your reader need to learn from your content?
  2. Motivation -- How does the content move your reader further down the sales funnel?
  3. Call to Action -- How can your reader to take the next step?

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