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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tim Marklein - Advocacy, Badvocacy, and Upsetting the Apple Cart

Presenter: Tim Marklein of Weber Shandwick

Title: Advocacy, Badvocacy, and Upsetting the Apple Cart

Main Points: Companies need to be prepared to re-think how they are approaching their customers.

Take-Away Action: Inoculate your legal team against the shock of using social media.


  • Advocacy is the new wave of marketing. This goes beyond influentials or elites.

  • Marketers need to re-think channels, reach and influence.

  • Apple Cart #1 – Customer at center with different hubs:

  1. Inside – Day to Day interactions
  2. Outside – Expert sources
  3. Mega – Media/Celebrity/News
  4. Social – Online and Offline groups they consider themselves a part of
  • Apple Cart #2 – Engagement Methods – Not just the same mass media channels

  • Apple Cart #3 – Legal and Regulatory Controls

  • Apple Cart #4 – Measurement; Advocacy isn't all digital but it can be measured.

  • Apple Cart #5 – Budgeting; Most marketing budgets are not designed to fully embrace social media. Social media requires more headcount.

  • Apple Cart #6 – Organizational Structures; Change from hierarchy by silo'ed function and switch to community-based roles

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