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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paula Berg - Nuts about Online Communication

Presenter: Paula Berg of Southwest Airlines

Title: Nuts about Online Communication

Main Point: Establish yourself in social media channels before the crisis hits

Take-away Action: Make a social media fire-drill plan. Practice it!


  • Picked 30 employees from all over the company who oozed pride about working at Southwest

  • The blog has continued to increase in readership over the last 3 years

  • We can't control the conversation but we can lead with our POV and facts about what we are doing. Try to make sure we are staying ahead of current news trends so we can talk about what is relevant to people.

  • Being a human being during blogger relations really got a positive response from bloggers

  • Blogs allow the public to share positive views of your company, something that media usually isn't looking for.

  • Southwest posted a video of their rapping flight attendant. They didn't wait for a consumer to put it up, they took the opportunity to show their commitment to flight attendants personalizing the experience.

  • Social media presence has started to boil down to the people who really want to engage with us.

  • You have all the talent you need already in your company.

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