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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Panel - Listening and Monitoring: The New Way to Market

Presenters: Amber Naslund of Radian6, Blake Cahill of Visible Technologies, Gabriel Villablanca of Brafton

Title: Listening and Monitoring – The new way to market

Main Point: Just because you aren't listening, doesn't mean people aren't trying to talk to you.

Take-Away Action: Find a conversation that is happening about your company in a space you haven't been monitoring before.


  • Amber – Companies are getting dragged in to SM whether they like it or not.
    Social Media is like the phone, people are trying to call you and you wouldn't just let your phone ring and ring un-answered?
    Use listening to inform the content development strategy. Customers don't necessarily want to hear marketing that “align with your core brand messages.”
    What is the language that your customers are using when talking about themselves and your company/products.
    When you can't act on the flow of information coming in, you need to scale up to a better tool.

  • Blake – Companies are seeing the transparency of the negative experiences customers are having and that scares them.
    Companies have had access to this kind of data for quite a long time but may not have known what to do with it.
    If there is no conversation, that's a huge opportunity.
    Most of the conversations are neither positive nor negative. They are just neutral. Companies are mining the neutral to determine why people don't have a stronger opinion.

  • Gabriel – We do end up being like therapists because we uncover areas that company doesn't have strengths and isn't sure how to handle those areas.
    Big companies can put the resources behind doing more listening. But smaller companies need to be flexible with the tools and roll with shifts in the market.

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