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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mike Walsh - Discovering the Power of your Community

Presenter: Mike Walsh of Leverage Software

Title: Discovering the Power of your Community

Main Point: As you get older, especially when you join the workforce, the noise level in your life increases significantly to the point of overwhelming distraction

Take-Away Action: Look at all your social networks and determine where you can focus your attention.


  • Everyone wants to be in the Discovery space. Both Twitter and Google think that they do it but the other service doesn't.

  • Social networks within the enterprise allow for internal discovery – feeds that provide news about what company-centric projects are going on.

  • Be a Kid Again! Simplify, Simplify. Don't worry about what's not relevant to you.

  • Minimize your trusted sources of information to get more signal

  • Communities have two sides – need to be aware of what both need

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