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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mike Volpe - SEO 101

Presenter: Mike Volpe of HubSpot

Title: SEO 101 – Why everyone should know the basics of search optimization

Main Points: Know which battles you should be fighting over keywords

Take-Away Action: List the terms you want to be found on in Google. Be realistic! (Remember the ninjas)


  • Don't fight ninjas when you're not fully trained.

  • Google is smarter than you. Don't try to trick it. Make sure your copy matches what you say the page is about.

  • Meta-Data Description is what Google shows when presenting results. You should customize this per page on your site.

  • Google figured out how to understand which pages people will want to look at, more than just keywords on page. Links are the currency of the Internet.

  • If you have more content, you tend to get more links into your site.

  • SEO is like the lottery. The more tickets you have, the better your chances to win. In SEO, the more content you have (optimized for different keywords) the more likely you are to get links into your site.

  • Re-purpose your content and publish in as many places as possible.

  • Create content that can be shared. The more people can share, the more links will get pointed back to your site.

  • Don't be afraid to be polarizing. Have an opinion and get people talking -- on both sides of the issue.

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