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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jake McKee - How LEGO Caught the Cluetrain

Presenter: Jake McKee of Ant's Eye View

Title: How LEGO Caught the Cluetrain

Main Point: Embrace what your community is doing without your help. Also look at highly-engaged but small segments of your market – they might provide a new way for you to do business.

Take-away Action: Determine if you have customers outside your normal demographic that are high-value.


  • Lego didn't accept “unsolicited” product ideas. This turned into a culture that Lego couldn't talk with their customers at all.

  • Lego noticed that Adult Consumers had created a large secondary market for trading/purchasing pieces. And that community had already created tools that the community wanted/needed.

  • When you have community members committed and they come to you for acknowledgment, you should ask what you can do for them.

  • Talking with the highly engaged minority can provide a lot of good information.

  • Changes to social media engagement starts with a change to culture inside the company.

  • Core of Lego community effort focused around their shift from selling boxes to creating a creative medium (i.e. what you can build)

  • Lego has a tool that you can design an object, submit it, and have just the pieces you need to build that model sent to you.

  • Take advantage of consumer evangelists can be more effective than your own PR.

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