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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Greg Cangialosi - Extending the Reach of Email

Presenter: Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory

Title: Extending the Reach of email

Main Point: Look for the low-hanging fruit of email marketing to make it better.

Take-away Action: If you haven't segmented, look for at least 2-3 segments you can create for your lists. If you haven't tested, pick one area you can start doing A/B testing on – subject lines are good to start with.


  • 3 Types of Email: Social, Marketing, Transactional

  • Make it easy for people to subscribe. Don't put up barriers or ask for too much information

  • Segment your audience data (demographics). Segment what content your users get. Allow users to manage their own content preferences. Segment on behaviors (especially good for follow-up segments)

  • Email provides an unbelievable opportunity for A/B testing to optimize your marketing

    • Subject Lines

    • Copy & Creative

    • Call to Action

    • Time of Day

  • When people stop responding to your emails, find a way to re-engage them. Or, if they won't engage, start putting them into a drip campaign that is different than your master list. Maybe quarterly, or a specific request to confirm their interest.

  • Email is the common currency of Web2.0; All social networks require using email to sign up.

  • Email can be a key driver of social content. Convert your email lists into your community on social networks. It is a good way to jumpstart those efforts.

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