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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eric Bowzer - Art of Persuasion in New Content Marketing World

Presenter: Eric Bowzer of SiteCore

Title: Art of Persuasion in the New Content Marketing World

Main Point: Tracking and evaluating content leads to success sooner.

Take-Away Action: Pick at least one landing page -- Does the page lead your users deeper into your site? How can you create a path to lead users into your site?


  • Land pages need to deliver on ad's promise

  • Keep telling stories as they move deeper into your site

  • Understand what your sales process is

  • Learning to Listen

    • Score your content – Give scores to content so you can start building different profiles of your visitors.

    • Score your actions – Lead Scoring

    • Test and Validate with content and score engagement

  • The show isn't over after the first dance

    • Episodic delivery of content

    • Build assets that can be subscribed to

    • Us the crowds to help filter info for other users

  • Traditional segmentation doesn't work anymore

    • Use community as magnet and microscope to understand what your segments should be

    • Allow self-segmentation

    • Match content to emerging segments

    • Find ways to bring people in past the landing page of your site

  • Pick Your Pitch

    • Understand your intimacy level with customers

    • Understand how to make that window of consideration longer

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