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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chris Kieff - Best Practices for Listening and Engaging in Social Networks

Presenter: Chris Kieff of Ripple6

Title: Best Practices for Listening and Engaging Consumers in Social Networks

Main Point: Social media isn't a broadcast medium, it's designed for community engagement.

Take-Away Action: Pick a community and find a way to engage with them.


  • Be Relevant, Authentic, Responsive (That's the foundation, you hear it all the time.)

  • Beware of the mean (the middle, the average). Beware of the extreme.

  • Allow Feedback and responses from the people; respond back to them.

  • Don't Be Creepy

  • Talk to them in their backyard

    • 85% of consumers feel companies should be present online to interact with customers and help solve problems

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