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Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Aren't Selling Content

The market for content is huge and unsatiable. It willingly spends its time consuming and responding to content. It willingly searches and scours out new content. It willingly ignores quality in favor of quantity.

And that works when everything is free.

But when you are trying to make money, content is cheap. It's not want of more content that makes people pull out their wallets.

What you are selling is access to context. Both the expertise and the attention to a topic that allows your audience to know you'll be able to provide them of something with real value.

How can you provide context rather than just adding more content?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Social Media in Your Job Search - A Case Study

Tara Weiss, the career reporter for, was writing an article about using social media for conducting a job search -- specifically Twitter. My friend Kyle Flaherty mentioned that I'd been successful in finding work -- both full-time and freelance -- through Twitter and that she should reach out to me.

Speaking with Tara about Twitter was an interesting experience -- giving her both a primer on the service and how to use it for job searching. I analyzed what my own actions had been and considered the principles so that other people could benefit from my experience. 

Overall, I think the piece is very strong. Both for people that are familiar with Twitter and those that are considering Twitter as a way to help with a job search.

While you're reading articles about job searching, I also recommend a recent post by Heather Strout about what you should do first if you lose your job.

What has been your experience with using social media for job searching?