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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Tale of Two Job Searches

I've had an interesting experience in the last week with my job search.  I'll leave the company names out of this because it's on-going.

A friend of mine gave me a contact at a company I'm interested in with an open position. I had a chance to speak with that person and find out more about the company and role. On their recommendation, I went ahead and submitted my application through the company website.

A day or two after submitting, I received a form email saying they appreciated my interest and they would keep my resume on file but that the position required a different backgroud.

That was about a month or so ago.

Then Rachel Happe interviewed me for her Deep Bench series. (Again, let me tell her thanks!) And just yesterday morning, I received an email from the hiring manager at this same company letting me know that someone had pointed them to my Deep Bench interview. He said that after reading the profile, he feels I have much of the experience they're looking for, and wanted a copy of my resume.

What's the moral of the story? Well, you've probably heard it before but sending your resume to HR isn't likely to get you a job. Where you should focus your energies instead is building, helping, and using your network to connect you with people that need what you can offer.

Where have you found the most success in your job search?

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