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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Which Way Are You Scaling?

While reading Seth Godin's blog, I ran across this little line that seems to capture most of what he says when discussing permission-based marketing:

"It doesn't scale, it shrinks."
So many of the new media tools we use for marketing and collaboration run into the question of scale. 
  • How to we make it bigger?
  • How do we reach more people?
  • How can it require less effort?
Those kinds of questions are important. But more important is answering the question:
  • If I do this, will my audience shrink?
If you're not sure, run the idea through your "Me" filter. If you were on the receiving end of your own campaign how would you feel? Or if you're too close, run it past someone in your company outside the marketing department. Chances are they'll be brutually honest with you.

I don't have all the answers for how to make the new communications media scale but a good first step to take is making sure you don't shrink your audience by trying to take short-cuts.

What are some lessons you've learned in shrinking your audience? What would you recommend that others avoid?

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