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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Job Searching Tip

The economy has gone downhill. The effect on the workforce has been significant and devestating.

I feel comfortable painting such a gloomy picture because I'm one of those that's been affected. I'm currently unemployed. I've been reading plenty of blogs and tips about networking and searching for jobs.

There's one more that I want to add to the list. 

Be responsible for something.

That's a rather generic piece of advice. So I'll expand on what I mean by it.

You're going to be very busy updating your resume, contacting people in your network, searching for job openings -- basically doing a lot of things for yourself. 

When you accept responsibility for a project that someone else is relying on you to complete, there is a whole different mindset. Much like being in a work environment, you need to budget your time, do some future planning, and account for your actions to someone else.

I've found that this helps me stay focused, but also gives me a constructive outlet when the pressure of constantly job searching gets to be too much.

What things have you taken responsibility for that have helped your job search?

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