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Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Video Day 5: Social Medium

It's Thanksgiving. I enjoyed a delicious meal of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, green bean casserole and all the food I love on this holiday.  Then we had pie. (YUM!)

And now, there's a football game on in the living room, but I'm sitting up at the table in the kitchen. The TV is in the sunken living room area (out of shot on the right).

Not everyone is watching the game but it's definitely the hub. Most of the guys are watching, the women are doing a puzzle, and the kids are in and out playing. But we're all talking about it (helps that Dallas is playing and we are in Texas) and it's bringing a kind of cohesion to the house.

This is definitely one of televisions strengthes -- the ability to create shared experiences across dispersed audiences. That's why so much watercooler talk is about a game, or a show, or a movie. We are able to easily relate to people we might not otherwise have much in common with because of our shared television experiences.

There's also been quite a bit of chatter about movies that we might watch. (I might have to sneak away and play some more Wii.)

What social experiences have you had with video? Do you notice how much it affects your social interactions?

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