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Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Video Day 4: Extrapolation

I've been having a very strange thing start happening to me today. I'll find myself thinking that I'm not allowed to do other, basic, things. 

Things like: reading blogs, listening to music, using my computer, and eating.

Yep, I was about to get some snacks from my drawer at work (yep, I have a snack drawer) when I stopped and thought "Oh right, I'm not eating this week."  And then realized how ludicrious that thought was.

But it's really made me ponder what the role of video is in my life. It's definitely become something that's nearly unconcious for me, so much so that I equate it to some of the typical pieces of my daily routine. That scares me a little.

Has video really crossed the line to ubiquity? Are we a culture that is so innundated that we don't even know that we're soaking it all in?

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