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Monday, November 24, 2008

No Video Day 2: Keeping My Sanity

It's only day two but I'm beginning to feel like a plane wreck survivor on a deserted island. Keeping this daily journal is partly to document what I'm going through for others and partly to keep myself sane. 

Also, I may be exaggerating slightly.

The biggest challenge that I faced today was avoiding the Twitter links and embedded video in blog posts. The ease of using video, especially at conferences, is allowing it to crop up in many places I wouldn't have paid attention to if I weren't trying to avoid it. 

What I'm realizing is that video is becoming just another option for me to consume content. It's doesn't stand out anymore but on the other hand the linear-format doesn't dissuade me so much now either. 

As James is probably seeing more clearly than I am, the proliferation of video is not because it's gaining acceptance but because it is accepted and now companies are looking to make it ubiquitous.

And, for a marketing take-away, this means that you don't need to create something viral for YouTube. Create video that is relevant to the audienc you want to speak to and embed it where they'll find it.  Video no longer has a barrier to entry either for production or consumption.

What content are you currently producing that could be accentuated by using video? What resources do you have internally to produce video?

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