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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giving Up Video Cold Turkey

My friend, James McQuivey, is doing an experiment and I'm the guinea pig. Actually, I volunteered but I'm wondering what I got myself into now.

The experiment: Don't watch any video (TV, movies, online) for a week.

Well, that sounds pretty easy. Which is exactly what I thought since we just moved the TV to a room without a cable hook up (and even the attennae reception is pretty poor). My goal this year has been to watch less TV anyway. For example, I didn't even turn on the TV on election night because I had Twitter to fill me in. 

I am less than 24 hours into the trial and I'm reconsidering how simple this will really be.

First, while I'm working on slimming down the number of TV shows I follow, the ones I am still interested are easily accessible on My typical routine since I'm using my laptop anyway in the evenings is to have a Hulu window open in the corner and work around it. (If I weren't doing this experiement I would probably have one open while typing this post.)

Second, I'm not going to be able to watch any football on Thanksgiving. I'm going down to my relatives in San Antonio. My uncle and all his sons have played football. It's a tradition to sit down after Thanksgiving lunch and just relax with a game (or two).

Third, my wife is out of town and my dad is coming into town. Because of the former, I was planning to go catch a movie that was highly rated and recommended by a co-worker (but not really my wife's cup of tea) and going to the movies around the holidays is a tradition in my family -- maybe guy's night to Bond.

What am I planning to do with my time instead? Well, for one I'm planning to write about how it's going on my blog. I also have plenty of house cleaning to try and get done while there are no little kids wrecking the house. And, I might even take an hour or two to sit down with a book -- that completely gets me away from the screen.

What would you do with a week without video?  Could you even do it?

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