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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TechTarget ROI Summit -- Late Recap

This is my late recap of the TechTarget ROI Summit that I attended back in April. It was an intense two-day workshop that I'm very glad I went to. I still find myself looking back at the whopping 26 pages of notes I typed up during the sessions. (Sidenote: Having a laptop to take notes with was definitely the right choice.)

I learned some new things, clarified some ideas I'd been having, and reinforced some of the changes I'd been wanting to make at work. Oh, and I met some great people too, can't forget that part.

One of those people being Doug Jensen, the PR Director at TechTarget who was walking around looking for people to interview. He caught me early on the morning of the first day and I offered to provide feedback after the sessions too. As it turned out, we ran into each other after a couple of different sessions on the first and second days. I was able to share what I learned from the conference and why I enjoyed it.

There is now an 8-minute video of me at the TechTarget ROI Summit Website (you'll need to scroll down the video list to Snowbound Software -- John Johansen). It may be more of me than you can handle in a single sitting but I thought it was well done.

If you get the chance to attend their next Summit in October (in San Francisco) I'd recommend going.