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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Creative Side

This is something of a departure from my normal form. What you may not know about me is that I enjoy writing. Both the dry professional content on my blog here and creative fun writing that I do on my own.

And, on rare occasions they collide. So, with too much time on my hands in airports the other day, I came up with this little gem.

The Plan

William Tell* was a self-styled rebel.
"Ha Ha," he would say when he was
up to some new mischief.

"Ha Ha," he said to me one day on the bus.
He looked over his shoulder at the
passengers. A miasma of people.

"I have a plan," he confided, "to overthrow
the government."

I looked out the window at the trees planted
in regular intervals along the street
like sentries standing guard.

"Ha Ha," he said, "I need a slogan to rally the people.
"To call them to arms.
"And to bring them in..."

"You're singing again," I told him.

"Ha Ha," he said but also he looked a little
embarrassed. "My plan is simple," he said,
"I only need a way to monetize it."


* Yes, that William Tell. Long story short, it's a convention that I've used for years. He's less of a reference to the real person and more of a concrete name to apply to the abstractions I write about.

I hope you enjoyed it. But if not, please be gentle in your criticism.