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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Farewell -- Boston Style

Before I begin the story of my farewell, let me just say that Dmitri Gunn did an excellent job putting together the Gary Vee Wine Library TV event and after party. (I showed up for the after party.) It's not a task I would have wanted to take on but all I heard were positive reviews of it.

At the last minute, my mother-in-law came into town, which meant my wife had help with the kids and packing. Since we leave for Austin in less than 2 weeks, this is important. Some early conversation with Aaron Strout on Twitter had secured me a ticket and I was excited to go.

The drive in was easier than I'd expected but I had to loop several times looking for parking. There just wasn't any to be had, except for this vacant lot behind the bank (I know, red flags right). Well, after a few passes I read the sign and it seemed like I might be alright.

Inside the party, I was able to do some introductions. Great to meet Adam Cohen and Jonathan Yarmis in person (and reconnect Shelly with her business card). And I said some farewells to the people who I've gotten to know in Boston, in large part thanks to the social media groups and tools around the city. So I was enjoying the evening and having a good time.

Then, when I went to pick up my car. It wasn't there. I had to call the number on the sign, the Boston police, my wife to get the license plate number, the Boston police, and finally the towing company that had my ride. Fortunately when I went back to the party, a few people were still going strong and Adam Zand was willing to give me a ride. Huge thanks goes out to him. I owe you, talk to me about a couch if you come to SXSW.

But, before we got going we decided to get some directions from the hotel front desk. Sitting in the lobby happened to be Gary (yep, that Gary) and so we listened to him and talked with him for a while. The man has an insane amount of energy. We were joined by Laura "Pistachio" "Monetization" Fitton and had some interesting discussions about the next 10 years when we're all creating content and working for ourselves. (I'm paraphrasing.)

Finally, Adam and I head off... to the completely wrong location. The very helpful woman at the front desk didn't know how to use MapQuest and sent us into Roxbury. Fortunately, Adam pulled over (at 1am) to ask three guys walking along the street. An old man, with so much tape on his glasses I'm not sure how he saw out of them, was able to give us directions when I called the towing company again and got the name of the place. He must have been a local. :)

So, back on the road, we find the tow shop. I pay my $120 to the guy (cash, of course) and I'm ready to get back on my way. I really don't blame the tow guy, he even showed me how to get back to I-90 since I had no clue where we even were. On the way home, I made sure to stick to the speed limit. All I would have needed to cap this night off was a speeding ticket.

And so, in my final week of living in Boston, after not having been towed for 5 years, this is how the city decides to say farewell. Nice.

But, it doesn't have to be this way. You can stand up and say "Hell no, we're not going to let you do that." Just donate a dollar through ChipIn and you can set the city of Boston straight. ;)


Adam Zand said...

In blogs we trust - did everyone see that I, Adam Zand, of legal drinking and rocking age am entitled to one sofa during a SXSW? Booyakasha - socre! All others who did not recreate that scene for early 80s movie gem "Repo Man" (Emelio Estevez's only good movie?), can sleep in my wake (or at least on the floor).

Glad to help out mon ami.

By the way, if you all think my soccer glasses are goofy (or even trendy forward), we saw some amazing scotch tape on a brother's specs in Lower Roxbury while asking for tow lot directions at 1 a.m. Really, quite fashion forward and fierce. Nice guy who helped us out - Go Boston! We're friendly. F*%$ LA!

John Johansen said...

Yes, the guy in Roxbury had you beat Adam. Those were some authentic glasses.

And, yeah, we totally rocked LA.