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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Video Introduction to Me

At the Social Media Breakfast a few weeks ago, I was the only person to take advantage of an offer to capture some video about who I am and what I do. While most of the crowd went to hear Chris Penn talk about LinkedIn (a good presentation, I watched it online the night before the SMB), I had the opportunity to talk with Owen Mack from coBRANDiT Video.

He agreed that using a Web cam to get an up-the-nose video of yourself is not the best impression one can make. And so we shot this instead. Now, I won't say it's perfect because we were in a crowded restaurant. But, that makes it authentic right? And, Owen did a great job using the setting he had to work with.


Adam Zand said...

Attention Austin: Hire this guy! His kids need new video games and Celtics shirts.