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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Twitter is the Fruit Fly of Social Media

Tweets live hard, die young, and evolve quickly.

If you are wondering why twitter matters, it is because the microcosm changes rapidly. The experiments you can do on Twitter can give great insight into larger campaigns. And, if you really want to stay on the edge of how people are using social media, Twitter is definitely ahead of the curve.

In fact, in terms of evolution, I'd watch Twitter to see how long the 1,000+ following is sustainable. (Follow up post on this) I'm impressed by the people that do it, and at this stage, glad that we have community members willing to include so many. But, if you look through the @ conversations, you don't see 1,000 different names coming up.

Another Twitter Observation

Ways to use Twitter
1. Follow people you know, grow your list organically.
I've been using this method and one thing that I've discovered is that it's hard to add just one person. You need to add the prime person and also the people they have conversations with. Otherwise, you lose half the context.

2. Follow thousands of people and see how much traction you can get by people auto-following back.
I will admit that I'm willing to follow people (not things) that follow me. But when I feel like I'm just on someone's 'list' and there's not an actual reason they are following me, I doubt their sincerity. Could that be a downside to Twitterpacks, et al.?

3. Join famous, rack up lots of followers, excrete wisdom.
Ok, I'm just being provocative here. You can't really control how many people follow you and if you're well-known in Twitter circles, of course people are going to want to listen to you. The blame for this really falls on the reader of the medium. (Read follow up post on this)

Am I near the mark on what you see on Twitter? Or have I gone completely off-base?