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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Participation + Conversation - Another Engagement View

I'm following up on a comment in my last post that pointed me to Greg Verdino's earlier post about engagement. I thought it was very insightful and just wanted to add one thought.

(Slides created by Greg Verdino)

From some of the comments on Greg's post by Paull and Nathan, I started questioning if they could be considered engaged or not. And how would you quantify the engagement of a frequent reader/infrequent commenter with someone who read less frequently but comments every time.

I like that the framework works for large groups, that's obviously important for being able to track results. But when looking at individuals through this same lens, it requires not less of an emphasis on comments but more of an emphasis on a holistic view. A high level of participation, even without conversation, points to obvious interest in the material and passion. A high level of conversation, even with medium participation may indicate that your site is a resource they return to when needed.

It's been very interesting exploring the dynamics of metrics as they begin to apply to individuals. What other thoughts about individual metrics do you have? tag: individual+metrics