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Monday, February 4, 2008

Social Media in 3-D and beyond

I was talking earlier with someone about all the term "Social Media". It's an interesting label because it describes tools, purpose, and ideology.

Tools -- Blogs, Twitter, Utterz, SeeSmic, facebook, MySpace, Ning, Wikis, Flickr, Tags, Viral, Web2.0
I see this as 1-dimensional social media.

Purpose -- Professional (Corporate) vs. Personal
This is 2-dimensional. You have tools and you use them.

Ideology -- Conversation, Community, Giving up control, Listening, Niche vs. Mass
Now we start to see shapes, 3-dimensional social media is more complicated and holds more potential.

Time -- Relationships
And, just to throw in a wrench, I've included the 4th dimension. Relationships don't just happen when you click on the button to add someone as your friend in social network du jour. This is the crux of social media. If you do everything else but don't spend time on relationships, you're just a cheap, extruded plastic souvenir that someone's picked up in a virtual tourist trap.