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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fall of the American Empire

Voters showing a darker mood than in 2000 race - International Herald Tribune Annotated

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"Several writers and historians remarked on the psychological impact of such a jarring end to the Pax Americana, just as it seemed that victory in the cold war might usher in prolonged prosperity and relative peace (save the occasional mop-up operation). Its confluence with an era of unparalleled technological innovation had only heightened the nation's sense of post-millennial possibility."
  • This is a pretty vague reference for such a significant statement. The 'end of the Pax Americana' may be more meaningful to foriegn countries who view America as imposing our culture on the world but I don't believe the majority of average citizens feel awash in a post-millenial sea of shattered dreams and impotent politics. - post by jljohansen

  • I certainly haven't been feeling this impending sense of doom. Nor the collapse of the American psyche as our reign over the world comes crumbling down around our heads. I think this piece may be veering into a bit of sensationalism. Just a little.
    - post by jljohansen