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Monday, December 17, 2007

We're Number 1%

I wanted to say thanks to Bryan for organizing the Social Media Breakfast today and everyone that I talked to for being supportive and engaging. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the social media community in Boston.

And, I'll add a short re-cap of the breakfast topic that Geoff Livingston did a great job starting a conversation among the group this morning.

Audiences, Communities, Stakeholders -- What are we?

The first point that I really liked was that we are all people.

Second, tying this concept back into the participation model (1% rule) I think that the labels could be more appropriately applied to individuals than to groups. The 80-90% who only consume content fits the audience label, the 10-19% who interact with content fit the community label, and the 1% who create content are creating stakes for themselves in the endeavor.

Third, the people engaging in social media right now at events like the SMB and SMC are in the top 1% and 10%. We are going to be the influencers that will drive social media adoption. Which means you have to build relationships with the people we want to 'get it.'

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Geoff_Livingston said...

Thanks for the great wrap-up, and for participating, too. Bryan's the man. Until the next time.