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Friday, November 16, 2007

Blog Shopping

I had originally started this blog at intending to upgrade it eventually to my own site and use the Wordpress software rather than hosting. I still plan to host a blog myself one day but until then, I just couldn't get comfortable with the site.

After deciding to move, I looked at Typepad and Blogger. They've both got some strengths but in the end, I was tipped over to Blogger because I like centralizing my services around Google. I'm not sure if that makes me look like a fanboy or unconcerned about my privacy but I have to admit, I like Google services.

So, here I am. Hopefully this will help me get on a more regular posting schedule. It's hard to stay motivated to write for a blog when you don't even want to log into the site you're hosting it at. Now that I've overcome that hurdle, I just have to think of things to say.


Prashant said...

Hi everyone here,

I have started a new shopping portal - where I have made my all endeavors to keep the prices highly competitive & a stores directory namely I would thank the community here for their suggestion/advices. Please do not consider this a spam.


Steffen said...

That sounds like the beginning of a more positive attitude :-).
Keep the intersting articles rolling and the rest will work out.